DAKOTAS has been an established South African men's shoe brand for nearly 40 years, specialising in docksiders, hi-shine moccasins & drivers.

DAKOTAS are of good quality, are fashionable and affordable. A perfect match for the casual look with jeans and chinos.

DAKOTAS is a genuine leather shoe that incorporates one of the best selling docksiders, high-shines & drivers in South Africa.

Caring for Leather Shoes

Without proper conditioning and care, leather can dry out until it eventually cracks and falls apart, and your shoes will not be able to bring you the joy they promise.

It’s not enough to throw on a coat of shoe polish from time to time. To really protect your leather shoes and keep them looking their best, there are four steps to follow.


Surface marks can be removed with an eraser or wiped off with a damp cloth.


Feed the leather with leather conditioning lotion - it keeps the leather soft and crack-free


Use a leather polish to shine and seal the leather.

Preserve or Weatherproof

Create a water-seal on your shoes by using a bees wax based compound.