About Us

Heritage is a word used by many, but that few genuinely own. Dakotas, a South African staple going on 40 years of history, is one of the exceptions. Founded in 1980, the brand began with a simple mission: to make the best possible shoe for the purpose in which it will be used. Over the years, Dakotas has maintained a hard-won reputation for quality, comfort, durability, and style, with no feature compromising another. They’ve come to personify an aspect of South African fashion aesthetic that is undoubtedly contemporary without losing sight of tradition.

A long-held desire remains for something casual yet elevated. Those who wear Dakotas are South African to the core: they represent this nation, and through the expression of personal style, they define pop culture.

Dakotas isn’t concerned with nostalgia for nostalgia’s sake. This is a trusted brand founded on principles of reliability and quality – a testament that a true original is always in demand.